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Description The Council of Europe recognizes the "considerable potential and therefore fundamental role in promoting the values of the Council of Europe" that young people play. Democracy has been particularly challenged in recent years due to the rise of populism and democratization, fake news, the reduction of space for civil society and, more recently, the influence of […]

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What is the Council of Europe?

Description The Council of Europe is the main human rights organization on the continent. It includes 46 member states, including all members of the European Union. All member states of the Council of Europe have signed the European Convention on Human Rights, a treaty designed to protect human rights, [...]


Call for Participants in the Academy of Local Democracy

Description Are you a young person living in Kavaja municipality? Are you a member of the Local Council of Kavaja? Want to learn more about local democracy? Then this opportunity is right for you! Udhëtim i Lirë Association-Liberi di Viaggiare within the initiative "Young People for Local Democracy" has opened the call for participants in the Academy [...]


Youth for Local Democracy 

Description Youth for Local Democracy is the newest initiative undertaken by the association Udhëtim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare with the full support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Since Youth is one of the three fundamental pillars of our work, this project targets exactly this age group. This initiative aims to empower […]