The Council of Europe recognizes the "considerable potential and therefore fundamental role in promoting the values of the Council of Europe" that young people play. Democracy has been particularly challenged in recent years due to the rise of populism and democratization, fake news, the reduction of space for civil society and, most recently, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. All this contributes to a climate where young people fear punishment when they exercise freedom of expression and, at the same time, "show a high degree of political interest, but a low degree of engagement in essential democratic processes". Concerns about the health of democracies in Europe have been raised repeatedly, especially in view of successive and multiple crises that disturb the prospect of confident growth for the future. The war in Ukraine exacerbated the sense of crisis and the need to act to save democracy and peace.

Democracy Here | Democracy Now is a youth campaign of the Council of Europe revitalizing democracy and strengthening mutual trust between young people and democratic institutions and processes. The campaign focuses on access to human rights, meaningful participation of young people and the impact of digitization as factors of democratization.

The campaign is based on activities undertaken with young people and youth organizations at local, national and international level, supported by national contact points and European partners. These activities are supported and linked by the Council of Europe; the results and proposals emerging from the youth will be organized and integrated into a call to action. The campaign is democratic: young people and their organizations explore the theme of the revitalization of democracy and make proposals to translate policies and programs at the level of the Council of Europe.