Kavaje Youth Council

The Youth Council of Kavaja is an advisory body established by the Municipality of Kavaja following Law 75/2019 "On Youth". Currently, this council consists of 6 members and is chaired by the Mayor Mr. Redjan Krali.  

Our vision is to adequately represent the youth of Kavaja and lobby for their rights.

The Youth Council of Kavaja aims to be a comprehensive and democratic structure in order to address their problems in front of policy makers.

Members of the Kavaja Youth Council

Leon Merhori
I am Leon Merhori, a 16-year-old student, in the 1st year, at the "Aleksander Moisiu" Kavaje high school. In August 2022, together with my friends, we founded the KVR of our city, Kavaje, with the great desire to adequately represent every student of our city in various youth events. The creation of this advisory body near the Municipality of Kavaje, recognized legitimately by the Albanian state, gave us the opportunity to have a wider impact on every young man or woman of this city through various organizations, activities or initiatives that I undertook as a Member/Founder of KVR. My wish is that the urban youth feel heard everywhere, therefore my slogan, "Youth united as one voice", has been and is my daily motivation to continue my work at KVR.
Xhoja Shyti
I am Xhoja Shyti. I am 17 years old and a high school senior in "Aleksander Moisiu" Kavaje high school. I became part of KVR since its creation. The reason why I took part is because I see myself as a worthy representative voice for my peers and not only. Nothing we really want is impossible and with will and desire everything is achieved.
Gerta Celhaka
I am Gerta Celhaka. I am 18 years old and a high school senior at the "Aleksander Moisiu" Kavaje high school. I am part of KVR to represent the young people of my city in their requests and desires, because knowing what to ask for is the first step towards realizing your dreams.
Iris Çorumi
I am Iris Çorumi, a student at "Aleksander Moisiu" Kavaje high school. I am 17 years old and I am characterized by curiosity and energy. I have a passion for the arts and I love music. What pushes me forward with being a member of the Local Youth Council of Kavaje is the desire for change and to convey my positive energy by carrying out as many activities as possible with the motto: "If you like the road you are walking on, build a new one." "
Halil Bagosi
I am Halil Bagosi, student at "Aleksandër Moisiu" Kavaje high school. I am 17 years old and I have a passion for art and cooking. Another way I spend my time is representing the youth of Kavaje as a member of the Kavaje Local Youth Council. The expression that characterizes me and my work as a member of KVR Kavajë is: "Different perspectives and ideas make us special, their union makes us powerful!"