Young People for Local Democracy is the newest initiative undertaken by the Udhëtim i Lire-Liberi di Viaggiare association with the full support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Since Youth is one of the three fundamental pillars of our work, this project targets exactly this age group. This initiative aims to empower young people to exercise their rights, strengthen local democracy and increase the attention of the municipality of Kavaja to youth issues.

Specific Objectives

OS1: Increasing citizen awareness about the participation of young people in socio-economic life and active participation in the drafting of local policies in Kavaja Municipality
OS2: Building the capacity of young people for political rights, lobbying and advocacy in the local context and developing the skills of young people to influence decision-making processes
OS3: Foster youth-led community actions to increase their participation and cooperation with local authorities

Anticipated Activities

  • A1: Launch Event
  • A2: Development of the Academy for Local Democracy
  • A3: Setting up 5 information points (infopoints) by trained young people
  • A4: Developing an online awareness campaign
  • A5: Development of a mini-theatre "Advocacy Game" by trained young people
  • A6: Drafting of the Policy Document addressed to Kavaja Municipality
  • A7: Closing Event