What is better than informing young people about their democratic rights? Young people who undertake concrete actions to empower themselves and to adequately represent the voice of young people in local authorities.

This was the main message with which we successfully completed the cycle of Academy of Local Democracy with the energetic young people of Kavaja municipality. The Local Democracy Academy held on October 14-16 and October 21-23 brought together young people from Kavajë municipality and members of the Local Youth Council who were trained on the topics of participatory democracy, advocacy and lobbying, structured dialogue, the roles and responsible institutions, civic education, activism, participation, political rights, accountability and transparency.

Based on the non-formal education method, through discussions, group work, presentations, interactive games, young people not only got to know the theoretical concepts and practical exercises, but also had the opportunity to get to know the basics of online activism as one of the new forms. of activism.

Under the guidance of the team of the association Udhëtim i Lirë-Liberi di Viaggiare, the young people had the opportunity to design their online advocacy campaign which will be published very soon on our communication channels. This campaign will also be followed by a series of field activities that will be conducted by the trained youth. These activities include the development of information sessions with the citizens of Kavajë Municipality and the city's schools, the development of a mini-drama entitled "Advocacy Game" as well as the drafting and conception of a policy document which will include the main issues and recommendations that were addressed by young people not only during the training, but also in the dedicated focus groups that we will develop further, as part of the methodology of this document.

Stay Tuned…

This initiative is implemented by the "Udhëtim i Lirë-Liberi di Viaggiare" association with the support of the European Youth Foundation and the Council of Europe within the #DemocracyHereDemocracyNow campaign in honor of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Youth Department at the Council of Europe.

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