“Bekimi më i madh që kemi në demokraci është LIRIA”

Based on this principle, we held the launch event of the "Youth for Local Democracy" initiative today in Kavajë Municipality.

In recent years, as a result of the pandemic and global challenges, it seems that democracy has suffered regression in many countries of the world. In developing countries, the impact that this regression has, becomes even more visible in many spheres of life, putting different groups of society at risk, including young people. The rise of populism, the reduction of space for civil society, the increasing pressure on vulnerable minorities, fake news, constitute some of the current challenges of democratic countries.

For this reason, in the municipality of Kavaja, we have identified the need to work and empower young people in the exercise of their democratic rights, based on the 12 basic principles of democracy according to the Council of Europe.

The "Youth for Local Democracy" initiative brought together representatives of local institutions, educational institutions, members of the local youth council, young activists and representatives from the city's high schools. The "YOUTH FOR LOCAL DEMOCRACY" initiative aims to empower young people to exercise their rights, strengthen local democracy and increase the attention of the municipality of Kavaja to youth issues.

This initiative is implemented by the "Udhëtim i Lirë-Liberi di Viaggiare" association with the support of the European Youth Foundation and the Council of Europe within the #DemocracyHereDemocracyNoë campaign in honor of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Youth Department at the Council of Europe.

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